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Vegan Smoothies

Vegan Smoothies

Vegan Smoothies

Smoothies for Vegans

Many people tend to associate the vegan lifestyle with one that is full of hassle, and being forced to avoid many different foods. When it comes to smoothies this is far from the case. Vegan smoothies are quick, easy and very tasty, especially since they are commonly used as a sweet option within a vegan diet. Enjoying any smoothie which contains purely raw ingredients can be done whilst sticking to the vegan lifestyle. To assume that all vegan smoothies will be basic and lacking in flavour would be a mistake as there are genuinely hundreds of tasty and nutritious recipes available. Furthermore, there are many vegan friendly milks and tofu that are now readily available in supermarkets.

Use the Right Ingredients

Milks such as soy, almond, hemp, rice, oat and coconut are extremely convenient. It is easy to obtain the vegan integrity of a product such as this by simply reading the ingredients from the packaging. Although if you have more time, making your own vegan milk is easily achievable simply by soaking nuts, seeds and grains and crushing them with water. Different vegan milks can be used to influence the flavour and texture of your smoothie. If you make your own, it can vary from brazil nut milk to coconut milk and by making it yourself you have complete control of the integrity of the milk.

Fruit and Veg Goodness

Fresh or frozen, the tastiest vegan smoothies are made from fruit and vegetables. A good way to thicken up what could easily become more of a juice is to add ingredients such as avocado, coconut meat, cashew nuts or sunflower seed butters. These are all the more flavourful options; tofu or soy can also be used but won’t be as tasty. You can add even more flavour to your vegan smoothie in the form of pitted dates, coconut milk, maple syrup, yacon syrup and fruit juice. Flavours can be further enhanced by simply adding common herbs and spices such as celtic sea salt, garlic, ginger, paprika and chilli.

Use Nuts for Flavour

Raw cashew nuts, macadamias and pecans bring a rich buttery texture to smoothies while also adding a natural sweetness. Raw nuts and seeds are absolutely packed full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids and oils. They are known to help reduce blood pressure and assist with heart health and bone density. They are full of helpful antioxidants not to mention packed with flavour. Oils are also a good way to add flavour and ensure your smoothie is bursting with health benefits, Coconut oil for example is known for boosting immunity.

Green Smoothies

The green smoothie is a favourite amongst vegans. It is considered to be a power smoothie simply because they are low in calories and packed with antioxidantss, vitamins and minerals that provide you with energy and vitality. Green smoothies are very quick and easy to make as it is just a case of throwing everything into the blender then adjusting the taste to your personal preference. If your taste buds aren’t quite accustomed to the ‘green’ flavour you can add greens (such as spinach) to your fruit smoothies, gradually adjusting the ratio until you become used to the flavours.

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